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All materials provided by the Dark Ages Recreation Company (DARC) are copyright by the author or authors and thus display a copyright notice. This copyright is to be understood even if not specifically expressed.

All documents remain the sole property of the author, with full copyrights retained unless otherwise clearly stated. DARC has been granted a non-exclusive right to publish the materials on this website. This extends to all original photographs, drawings, and other art designs. No conversion of any of these documents may be made through electronic media of any kind, or distribution to any third party, without specific written permission of the author first being granted.

In the past, the authors have granted limited permission for the use of some of the materials displayed on this web site to specific organizations or individuals. The inclusion of these materials here does not alter the stated restrictions on unauthorized conversion of copyrighted materials, or any portion thereof, via electronic media in any form.

In the interest of education the authors grant permission for the following limited use of the materials contained within this web site:

Any individual may print off a single copy of any individual page of information, providing the following provisions are followed:
a) The copy produced is for personal use only.
b) The original full copyright / ownership statement on the material is included as well.
c) There is no transfer of the materials to any third party.
d) There is no attempt to utilize the material in any commercial form what so ever.

An individual is free to 'link' to any portion of this web site from their own. Be aware however, the opinions expressed within the series remain those of the authors, and are not subject to censorship or modification of any kind.

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